When In Doubt, Get The Jig Out


Meet the JigMasters

Cody Jennings - Founder of JigMasters

I was basically born into bass fishing. My father was, and continues to be, obsessed with the sport, meaning I started at a very young age. However, I was never really introduced into throwing jigs. Most of my life I grew up throwing spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, tubes, creature baits, and worms. Do not get me wrong, all of these lures have there place in the bass fishing industry and can produce very well. But I now see a jig will out produce them all!

Now that jig fishing is my obsession, I want to produce the best possible quality and designs of jigs for all anglers. Using my engineering background, I've come up with high performance flipping Jigs, swim jigs, pivot head jigs, football jigs, and buzzbait. These lures are my passion and now I'm sharing my passion with all of you. I promise you these lures will outperform and outlast all the jigs you've purchased before!


Derrick Jennings - Design and Field Expert


I grew up fishing in streams, farm ponds and strip pits in Southern Ohio, mainly learning most skills on my own. By the age of 14, I was spending minute possible on the water honing my skills, and at 16 I could hold my own with about anyone I fished with. In my early 20's, I moved to Northwest Ohio and was introduced to Lake Erie smallmouth  and fell in love immediately. After a couple painful years trying to convert from shallow water largemouth fishing to catching smallmouths in 20+ feet of water on Lake Erie, I finally started to figure it out. For the next decade, I had a pretty successful tournament career. Once my son, Cody (JigMasters founder), was big enough to hold a fishing rod, he quickly became my new fishing partner. It was obvious from the beginning that Cody had a true love and talent for the sport. I still love bass fishing and always will, but from a different perspective now; I get more enjoyment from the backseat of the boat watching my son use his abilities to fool the bass. I was the teacher for many years, but now after seeing what he does with a jig, I have become the student. Hopefully we will remain life long fishing buddies!


Mitchell Gardner - Social Media Manager

I grew up fishing at a very young age with my little Spiderman pole catching bluegill in the neighbor's pond. Eventually I found myself addicted to bass fishing. The thrill of setting the hook into a nice bass exceeded all other types of fishing. I grew up in the same school district as Cody (JigMasters founder), but never realized we shared the same passion for rippin' lips.  It wasn't until many years later that we reconnected, spending hours talking all things bass fishing and telling some fisherman's tales.

As Social Media Manager, I will be reaching out to all of you as well as responding to all questions and fishing stories. I will usually be the guy you get to talk to when you tell us your story of the "10 pounder" that got away. Today I fish almost daily in the ponds and rivers in the Toledo area, so if you ever see me in my JigMasters apparel at a fishing hole near you, come on over and wet a line with me.


Maggie Carsello - Prostaff

I've been fishing with my dad all of my life. As I grew up, my passion for it grew as well. As much as I loved catching panfish with a bobber, I knew that there were bigger and better fish to be caught. I began to teach myself new techniques that would do this for me. After all of these years, bass have stolen my heart like no other fish has. Nothing gives me as much of a thrill as seeing one of these tanks explode out of the water after hammering my bait and a good hook set. I've found that the best way to ensure this is a good, quality jig. That's why JigMasters products are a must have in my tackle box!


Jesse Vahling - Prostaff


I was introduced to fishing at a young age by my father, it was something that was in my blood and I had a knack for. My passion has only grown stronger for it through the years. I would study new ways to catch fish and different ways to fish certain lakes. I started using jigs quit a bit flipping in Okeechobee and throwing swim jigs and it has always been a confidence bait for me. They are so versatile and effective. And they catch quality fish. So when in doubt, get the jig out!