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JigMasters Fan Base can contact the company with either great fishing stories, videos, or photos of fish caught using our products through our contact info as well as social media. Photos will be displayed on JigMasters gallery page if given permission from the fisherman/fisherwoman.  Also every year JigMasters will host the JigMasters Fall Bass Classic so stay tuned for the upcoming registration page, supporters can come either to fish the tournament or to come enjoy food, music, and watch the weigh in. All merchandise also will be sold at this event.

Accumulation of GIANT BASS caught by the JigMasters Team and the JigMasters Fan Base

Doug Huffman with a couple of Seminole Giants!!!

Youtuber Reelin&Rattlin Outdoors with his PB!

@brotherhack98 doin work in SC!

@bassinptx_fishing with a GIANT Largemouth! keep slaying the bucketmouths!

@mitchilli22 with a giant pond bass!

@the_gq_angler killing it out in Colorado

Locals are starting to catch some GIANTS on the JigMasters Jigs!

@a_speck44 with a big ole Florida Strain Tank!

@its_a_hopkins_thing getting jiggy with it !

@ashleycasey05 killing it down in those Florida waters

@schuess11 showing a couple nice smalljaws!

@mitchilli22 is a pond hoppin JigMaster!!!

My Pops slaying some small jaws! Tough to compete with this guy on the Great Lakes!

@the_gq_angler with two studs!!!

@brotherhack98 proving he is JigMasters worthy!

Post-spawn female couldn't resist a swim jig! 

My Boy Hunter killing them in frigid waters! Gotta love Northern coldwater bassin!

Hunter Johnson catching some pigs up North!

@its_a_hopkins_thing showing off some very impressive jig bites in South Carolina

Chef TJ serving up what the marsh bass want!

39 degrees in a marina, fishing SOOOO SLOW with my favorite football jig!

My Pops with a GIANT!!! Still teaching me

@freerange_fishing getting his night time jig bassin on!

@its_a_hopkins_thing with a Spring Giant!

Locating Giants on Beds in some gin clear waterwith my go-to choice...JIGS!

@ashleycasey05 with a stud!

@the_gq_angler on his Flipping Jig Game!!! Keep it up you JigMaster

@bassinptx_fishing with a stud largemouth out of a secret pond