When In Doubt, Get The Jig Out

JigMasters Photo gallery

Pigs on Jigs

Accumulation of GIANT BASS caught by the JigMasters Team and the JigMasters Fan Base

Doug Huffman with a couple of Seminole Giants!!!

Youtuber Reelin&Rattlin Outdoors with his PB!

@brotherhack98 doin work in SC!

@bassinptx_fishing with a GIANT Largemouth! keep slaying the bucketmouths!

@mitchilli22 with a giant pond bass!

@the_gq_angler killing it out in Colorado

Locals are starting to catch some GIANTS on the JigMasters Jigs!

@a_speck44 with a big ole Florida Strain Tank!

@its_a_hopkins_thing getting jiggy with it !

@ashleycasey05 killing it down in those Florida waters

@schuess11 showing a couple nice smalljaws!

@mitchilli22 is a pond hoppin JigMaster!!!

My Pops slaying some small jaws! Tough to compete with this guy on the Great Lakes!

@the_gq_angler with two studs!!!

@brotherhack98 proving he is JigMasters worthy!

Post-spawn female couldn't resist a swim jig! 

My Boy Hunter killing them in frigid waters! Gotta love Northern coldwater bassin!

Hunter Johnson catching some pigs up North!

@its_a_hopkins_thing showing off some very impressive jig bites in South Carolina

Chef TJ serving up what the marsh bass want!

39 degrees in a marina, fishing SOOOO SLOW with my favorite football jig!

My Pops with a GIANT!!! Still teaching me

@freerange_fishing getting his night time jig bassin on!

@its_a_hopkins_thing with a Spring Giant!

Locating Giants on Beds in some gin clear waterwith my go-to choice...JIGS!

@ashleycasey05 with a stud!

@the_gq_angler on his Flipping Jig Game!!! Keep it up you JigMaster

@bassinptx_fishing with a stud largemouth out of a secret pond