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JigMasters Pro Series Finesse Swim Jig

JigMasters Pro Series Finesse Swim Jig


The JigMasters Pro Series Finesse Swim Jig is a great option for high pressured lakes that have seen a million spinnerbaits as well as a good option when baitfish are present especially near grass beds. JigMasters opted to include no weedguard on these as the head profile comes through grass great and also no weedguard means better hook up percentage! Also included is a screw lock bait keeper to keep those expensive trailers lasting longer as well as a heavy wire hook that will not bend on those lunkers! A must have for every fisherman/woman


  1. Time Tested Casting Head to come through cover
  2. Mustad Heavy Wire Hook
    1. 3/16oz uses a 3/0 hook
    2. 1/4oz uses a 4/0 hook
  3. Screw Lock Bait Keeper!
  4. JigMaster's Custom 60 Strand Skirt 
    • Custom Color
    • Heavy Band - No Wire
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