JigMasters Starter Pack

JigMasters Starter Pack



  • 5 JigMasters Signature Flipping Jigs (assortment)

    • (Choose Size) (Choose Hook Thickness)

  • 5 JigMasters Signature Football Jigs (assortment)

    • (Choose Size) (Choose Hook Thickness)

  • 10 JigMasters Signature Pivot Head Jigs (assortment)

    • (Choose Size)

  • 1 JigMasters Signature Buzzbait

** Hook thickness option only pertains to the flipping and football Jigs**

** Any Option with 1/4oz Jigs will be available in Lite Wire Hooks only**

Email info@jigmasters.com right after you order (reference your order number) if you have specific jig wants (colors, weights, hook size, weed guard stiffness) - please look at individual lure product page to see options.

**If no emailed specifics occur, bundle pack will be a random assortment**

Jig Hooks:
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