When In Doubt, Get The Jig Out

Tips & Techniques

How to Become a JigMaster

Shallow Wooded Cover

Cover : Stumps, Laydown Logs, Brushpiles

Rod : 7'3" - 7'6" Heavy Power with extra fast tip

Gear Ratio : 7.1:1 or higher

Line (Dirty Water) : 50lb Braid

Line (Clear to Stained Water) : 20lb Fluorocarbon

Best Jig Selection : Signature Flipping Jig

Weight : 3/8oz to 1/2oz

Best Color Options (See Below per water type) :

Clear Water : Okee Craw, Natural Craw, Summer Craw

Stained Water : Black & Blue, Okee Craw, Natural Craw

Dirty Water : Junebug Black, Black & Blue, Kelly Craw

Technique : Using our Signature Flipping Jigs, Pitch/Flip jig into anywhere around the wooded structure, try to spend time on the first few structure areas and dial in where the fish are holding on each cover. Once dialed in, target those areas more. We have found slower presentations on the bottom work better UNLESS fish are hitting on the initial fall of the Jig...in that case BE READY as soon as you cast! JIGMASTERS FAVORITE STYLE