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JigMasters Mission Statement

JigMasters’ Mission is to provide top quality bass fishing jigs and top of the line apparel at an affordable price. Our Signature Series Jigs are truly custom designed - meaning you can’t get our jigs or even something similar anywhere else. With our line of Pro Series Jigs, we’ve taken a product that’s already been time tested and angler approved, and designed minor adjustments to improve its presentation and performance. Here at JigMasters, we also aim to create a fun and interactive site throughout which viewers can learn how to improve their jig fishing game via the ‘Tips’ page and our instructional videos in order to put big fish in the boat consistently,  no matter where you are in the country! Once you try our products, we promise you that we will be your favorite bass fishing jig company.

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I just wanted to say the JigMaster jigs are the best jigs I've ever seen. I'm ordering the Pro Pack Friday and wanted to say thanks for making such a good product at such a affordable price. The trailer screw is a must for any good jig and you guys hit it right on the head. Thanks so much and you have my business from now on! Keep up the good work and happy fishing!

- Mike B. - Ohio

Was not a believer at first, but man does your Signature Flipping Jig perform!!! Comes through vegetation and timber very well and creates a nice stand up presentation. That screw lock is awesome for keeping my soft plastic craws from slipping and tearing off your jig. Can't wait to see more and more lures come out!

- Jeffrey S. - Texas



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Thank you to everyone who has helped support JigMasters so far. Please continue to visit the website in order to see new fishing videos, innovative products, and promotions.

When in doubt, get the Jig out!
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