When In Doubt, Get The Jig Out

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The Purpose of JigMasters

JigMasters purpose is to provide quality fishing products and top of the line apparel. JigMasters also aims to create a fun and interactive site in which viewers can learn from our videos to capture their own fishing experiences, display their catches on our site, and become part of the JigMasters family.

JigMasters Fan Base Interactions

JigMasters Fan Base can contact the company with either great fishing stories, videos, or photos through our contact info as well as social media. Photos will be displayed on JigMasters gallery page if given permission from fisherman/fisherwoman. Multiple videos will be released throughout the year showcasing the top photos sent in by fans in order to win a free tackle or apparel give away. Also, contact us for potential fishing trips and stay tuned for the JigMasters Fall Bass Classic tournament registration page!


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Check back soon to see the latest in instructional jig fishing videos and also memorable fishing experiences by JigMasters.

JigMasters Custom Jigs

Available in 2018, check out our Custom Jig Series later this year for pre-order. These jigs will be your new Go-To lure in the boat. JigMasters promises these will be the best performing and quality jigs ever tied on the end of your line.


Thank You For All Your Support!

Thank you to everyone who has helped support JigMasters so far. Please continue to visit the website in order to see new fishing videos, innovative products, and promotions. 


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When in doubt, get the Jig out!
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